The Power of Change

When we look at the world around us, one cannot help but feel a degree of trepidation and anxiety. All avenues of social media create a picture of a dystopian world. Pandemics, wars, economic collapse, hunger, and social unrest are being continuously streamed to us. Fear and consternation have gripped our lives. I have witnessed […]

The Paths We Take

If you ever go hiking in the woods, you will notice how beautiful your surroundings truly are. You see the hand of God in everything. The trees, the wildlife, the lakes and streams. Many times, as you are walking, you encounter many possible paths that you can take. Different routes that will lead you to […]

Teach Your Children Well

Many Orthodox parents are facing a major crisis in their lives. This is none other than the relationship with their own children. Parents are shocked and dismayed when they experience their children being belligerent and disrespectful. Many children feel that their parents do not understand or listen to their problems. Positive discourse has broken down […]


There is Always a Road Back

The long battle with persistent sins has often been disheartening for many Orthodox Christians. As a priest, I have seen many Christians struggle over the years with the embarrassment of confessing the same sins repeatedly. Being embarrassed about one’s sins is natural. We, because of our human nature, are all sinful in front of our […]


What’s Love Got to Do With It?

The lyrics of this famous song by the singer Tina Turner talks about a person who has been jilted by love and no longer needs this emotion in their life. What is love? It is a subject that arguably has been written and spoken about more than any other in the world. It has been […]