Game works fine, 30FPS almost every time, close to perfection with just a little of audio glitches, if u are out of range of a time shift orb link disappear or is "cut off" out of the screen in place with a time shift orb or a TS stone but the game is still playable. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword WII ISO is an action adventure wii game . Close. DOWNLOAD The Legend Of Zelda - Skyward Sword ROM (Download Manager) DOWNLOAD The Legend Of Zelda - Skyward Sword ROM (Direct) PLAY The Legend Of Zelda - Skyward Sword ONLINE. Runs great; a few minor stutters. D3D11, 2x Native, 0xAA, 16xAF, Force Texture Filtering, Skip EFB CPU, Ignore Format changes OFF, EFB Copies RAM - Enable Cache ON, played in 1080p 30FPS constant settings: DX11, 4x native internal resolution, 16x anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing 8x. Played through the whole game now on my Alienware M11xR3. Bluetooth Passthrough however behaves the same as console, and is recommended if you are having trouble with this issue. Direct 3D11, 1920*1080, Anisotropic Filtering 16x, Skip EFB Access from CPU, EFB Copies set to RAM, Cache enabled. Download "The Legend Of Zelda - Skyward Sword" ROM for Nintendo Wii (WII ISOS) console. Very playable overall. It takes a lot of work to build, maintain, However, compatibility may extend to prior revisions or compatibility gaps may exist within ranges indicated as compatible due to limited testing. Mobile optimized. 3x Native, 16X AF, 8 samples (quality level 32) AA. If you need an emulator you can find it here too. After I beat the Abyssal Leviathan boss, stuck on black screen after hitting the goddess symbol with skyward sword. Works fairly well keeping at about 30FPS except in "busy" areas where it can lost about 5FPS. ISO or WBFS is fine, but the latter would be preferred. Rom Type: ISO, Download Links: USA – (4.2 GB) The map is rendered with fewer colored subsections than it should have. The game is totally playable this way. Using DX9 with version 3.0-681 will solve this issue. D3D9, 1080p 3x native, no AA, 8x AF, Skip EFB CPU off, EFB Copies "Texture", using DSP LLE recompiler. 30FPS at 3x internal resolution, 8xSSAA and 16xAF. Running DX11 and HLE audio, 2x Native Resolution, 1x AF and No AA with suggested hacks. But during some dialogues, the game slows... Works perfectly, 30FPS all the time (D3D11, 1280x1024, 2x Internal Resolution, 4x AA and 16X AF, with "Skip EFB Access to CPU" unticked all the time. Works perfectly at full speed at 3x native resolution, 2xMSAA, 16xAF, Fast Depth off and Force Texture Filtering on. DX11 and DSP-LLE will lag in some scenes at stock speeds, but a strong overclock (4.5GHz give or take) can power through it. Running defaults and mostly playable. A thin (1px) black line appears when the Internal Resolution is set to Auto (Window Size), appearing above the lower right quadrant of the screen. No graphical or any glitches so far at 29hours into the game. $('#kuk').modal('show'); font-display:swap; Developer: Nintendo  2x IR, 20FPS in Skyloft, 21-26FPS outside, 24-30FPS in dungeons. This title requires the Wii MotionPlus add-on. Occasional sound corruption. The game works fine on HLE as far as I can tell. 2. Running at 3x internal resolution, 2xSMAA and 16xAF. Works great, 30FPS most all of the time since overclocking to 3.8GHz, turned off turboboost; also JITIL Experimental Recompiler (improved performance); Other Settings: 3x Native, AA: None, AF 4x, Unchecked Skip EFB Access from CPU, EFB Copies = Texture (I have not finished the game, but w/ AF, looks better than my real disc on real Wii). SS looks absolutely stunning in 1080p! Can't think of any outstanding graphical issues I can identify. updatedCookie += "=" + optionValue; )); options.expires = options.expires.toUTCString(); } In contrast to earlier installments, battles do not focus solely on timing attacks, but also on their target, such as the direction in which enemies are hit. - Enable dual core, lock threads to cores, 1x Native res, No anti-aliasing, 1x anisotropic, etc. }; The legend was primarily the first Zelda game of the Wii MotionPlus, made in the Wii Eye and required. Fully Playable, sound problems sometimes (1 in 2 hours playing). return matches ? Was working fine with perfect speed, some issues with background music (it sometimes starts to loop some short sequence) but freezes on black screen when entering the second boss chamber (Scaldera). for (optionKey in options) { 30FPS all times. Settings: DX11 renderer, 1920*1080, No AA, 16x Anisotropy, Internal Resolution: Auto (Window Size), Works near perfectly, Some scenes slow down to 25-30FPS but gameplay is near perfect. If You Like This Game Then Buy IT, Support The Developers. 30FPS constant. Don't even try using AA as even 2x tanks it more than raising resolution. Has some sound issues with Background music, but the game is perfectly playable in 1920x1080. Search Google Thanks for the answer. Play The Legend Of Zelda - Skyward Sword it's a Action, Adventure genre game that was loved by 118,242 of our users, who appreciated this game have given 4,4 star rating. Game looks wonderful in stereo 3D. This can happen even on console, and to help alleviate this the game has a built in automatic calibration whenever it sees the sensor bar, as well as a built in manual calibration feature: press Down on the Wii Remote's Dpad while pointing at the sensor bar will calibrate it anywhere instantly (preferably in a menu, but calling Fi will fix it as well). '&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src= new Date().getTime(),event:'gtm.js'});var f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], Little League World Series Baseball - Double Play, Avatar - The Last Airbender- Into The Inferno, SuperRetro16 (SuperGNES) Lite (for Android). The gecko code below removes the borders but un-stretches some of the windows. Occasional sound corruption, spewing out sped-up, scratchy audio from other parts of the game. } Use these features any time the motion controls become desynced. Dolphin Forum thread Analyzing enemies and attacking defenses and solving puzzles to solve puzzles is a general analysis with a new and unique way of combining a satisfying experience with a specific swing. Zelda ™ The Legend: Skyward Sword marks a turning point for true and adventure game formula drinks and franchises. The depth of field effect used in the game can look considerably off on higher resolutions. It may dip below 30 at stock speeds (especially at night in Skyloft), but with an easily-achievable overclock (given a capable cooling system), it can run 30FPS through hell and high water. D3D9, 1600x1200, 2.5x Native, 16X AF, No AA, EFB Texture. Perfect. (function(w,d,s,l,i){w[l]=w[l]||[];w[l].push({'gtm.start': 30FPS/60VPS nearly all the time. Just solve intricately designed puzzles, how to deliver the legendary story of Zelda. Slowdowns on first loadings, sometimes on saving, but no crashes. Broken Graphics when using DX11 when inside the Pirate stronghold dungeon. Seems to work, imported my save from actual Wii so might update later, no frame drops or graphic glitches, running via DirectX9, no AA or anything too fancy, 1600x900 res, 3x Internal Resolution. Severe banding regardless of AF, AA, skip EFB access, EFB copies to ram/texture. decodeURIComponent(matches[1]) : undefined; Perfect, played through at 1080p from start to finish with 30FPS. This also allows for the sword to be integrated into puzzles to a greater extent than in previous titles. 1920*1080, No AA, 16x Anisotropy, 3x native int. 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