I've got this. Ow! ", "Been ages since I've had this kind of fun! - Clash with, "I liked you better as Robin." Superman agrees and she tells him she'll call a press conference. A business suit with visible, functional glider wings built-in underneath the sleeves. Wonder Woman continues to battle Arthur's men when they suddenly retreat as a massive wave approaches. So he picks up the man's shotgun, fires a bullet, and with super speed, catches it inches away from the man's face. MURDER! https://injustice.fandom.com/wiki/The_Joker/Quotes?oldid=148636, "Here's a news flash: life is a meaningless joke. Raphael and Michelangelo were thought to have been voiced by Leonardo and Donatello's voice actors, Corey Krueger and Joe Brogie, respectively. Their teeth are only razor sharp! The way you...move...The way you...", "I feel...like myself again...Joker's dead, but...You're...", "C'mon. Wonder Woman may be a paragon of virtue in the main DC Universe, as well as in most alternate-realities, but in the Injustice universe, she's quite the opposite. - Clash with. I was hopin' you was Bruce's mole...", "Try telportin' into the Batcave, stead of boom, you'll go splat! In it, young Regan is literally driven to the edge of a building with intentions of jumping. Green Lantern calls Green Arrow this in one of their pre-fight interactions. ", "But we're beauty and the beast, my dear. It ain't us you wanna bash--we're the good guys! Kinda like you with Superman. It's an extremely important moment for not only the character but the comic industry. Aside from the occasional flirtation, it was the first major instance of these two getting together in the main continuity of the DC Universe, dividing readers if the two worked better as friends or if they made sense as a romantic couple. The emotional potential Captain Cold could have given the story was simply ignored. It worked. As she says this, she walks into a hail of gunfire and scares off several soldiers, to which Ares mocks her by calling her merciful. She promises to woman the general who tried to attack her will never harm her again, with Diana swearing to take him away. - Clash with, "Just wanna rub my face on that belly!" ", "She can't quit, she's fired! Hal begins to ask them to leave so they can try this again more safely but Superman ignores his words and opens the bunker himself. Gorilla Grodd does it by allying with Brainiac and selling out Earth, not caring even for Gorilla City possibly getting destroyed. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. While it was only depicted as an early threat response system in, Given how dedicated Eobard Thawne is to hurting Barry Allen any way he can, he could have easily taunted him maliciously and relentlessly about joining the Regime and not having the courage to stand up and fight back against Superman until he killed Shazam. 5 Must-Read Superman Origin Stories (& 5 To Skip), Superman: 10 DC Characters Who Can Defeat The Man Of Steel Without Kryptonite, 10 Influential Comic Artists Who Helped Shape The Industry, 10 Marvel Franchises That Failed Miserably (& Why), Green Lantern: 5 DC Villains Who Should Be Able To Beat Hal Jordan (& Why They Can't), Black Panther: 10 Things Only True Fans Know About The Wakandan Royal Family, Marvel: 5 DC Heroes Night Thrasher Could Defeat (& 5 He Would Lose To), Death Metal: The Multiverse Who Laughs Offers Twists Takes on Familiar Favorites, Dune: The Graphic Novel Book 1 Is an Accessible, Faithful Adaptation, Marvel's Indigenous Voices Shines an Overdue Spotlight, Review: Post Americana #1 Is a Bloody Tour of the Post-Apocalyptic USA, Review: Haunted Houses Go Punk Rock in Home Sick Pilots #1, U.S. ", "Oh, yer about to have a new favorite student. Agent Takes the Spotlight in a Character-Driven Debut, 10 Years Ago, Spider-Man's 'Brand New Day' Came to an End, Death Metal Takes Green Lantern & Green Arrow's Partnership to Its Bitter End, Death Metal: How Lobo and Lex Luthor Became DC's KEY Duo, Symbiote Spider-Man Just Teamed Up With a Savage Avenger, Justice League: Ron Marz and Andy Lanning Talk DC's Endless Winter, LOOK: Previews for Every Marvel Comic Arriving Wednesday, Nov. 25, Champions: Outlawed Could Make a Young Marvel Icon Quit The Team, Punchline Explains a Dark Truth in the Joker's TWISTED Crimes. Diana and Superman then work together to pin Adam down just as Shazam arrives. Captain America's OTHER Bucky Finally Meets Her Maker, Superman & Wonder Woman: How DC's Ultimate Power Couple Almost Worked, The Surprising Resolution of Superman's Villain, Doctor Stratos' 'Godhood', Wonder Woman: DC's Newest Assassin Is Basically a Pokémon Trainer. - Clash with, "You're scary when you're mad." Furthermore, rather than Ray Palmer (the original and the one currently in a TV show), this version is the much lesser-used and lesser-known Ryan Choi, which definitely caught some off-guard on that front. Arkham has never looked better. ", "Me thinks a Canary doth protest too much. Wonder Woman is seen floating over a refugee camp in Mogadishu. ", Ares goes on to say he has witnessed every war there ever was, but that a war between superhumans and human armies is "something special." ", "Bottom of the 9th don't look good for you! ", "First Krypton, now Metropolis...People you love tend to blow up, don't they...", "That's why I like you, Superman. There is much more single-player content available outside of the main story with the Multiverse fight selection and there are much more interactions between characters in their fight intros.

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