#7 Try never to call names. Does she use very positive words, such as. Every man should do that! She will feel your energy and she’ll want to be yours. The best girlfriend should not make eyes at his friends or even get acquainted with other guys in clubs or cafe. Don’t ever take the gloves off. We all want to be the best girlfriend in the world, don’t we? He is NOT a girl. You may unsubscribe at any time. A seduction is an emotional process and 99% of women need to feel an emotional connection with you, no matter how long your schlong is. Good advice, but this completes the frame of someone who can be classified as a “Nice Guy”, girls don’t know they don’t want nice guys. Let her know she’s part of your life. [Read: 25 ways to make your guy feel appreciated and cared for], #19 Don’t expect perfection. Gush to your friends about the perfect engagement ring, that beautiful strapless Vera Wang, etc etc etc… 3-6 months into a relationship, you WILL talk about marriage with your beau and it will be super cute, but don’t mention it again. No, he's not going to go with you everywhere you go, but you should include him whenever it makes sense. Curiosity is a boundless source of happiness for most people. If you make a purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission. I truly believe that they miss the point. Chances are once you are in his face you will realize that in the end, it was no big deal. Yes, I am a very adventurous person.”, You: “Oh, that’s cool. #17 Be happy. Guys want to know they are still attractive and wanted just like you. Thus, take interest in listening carefully when she is talking to you, show response, get involved in the conversation, and never interrupt. Try to maintain a positive mood and see the silver lining. You should both be able to talk about your exes (within reason, and with respect) and past relationships without shame. Take note of those things about you that drive him crazy (in a bad way) and try to avoid them. Express your needs, too, and you'll be on your way to finding the perfect, healthy balance. But there is one thing that’s even more important than sharing your fears and that’s sharing your vision. What she needs is a special guy who can accept her the way she is and make her feel loved. Are you looking for a partner to make you happy? Your email address will not be published. Mirroring can lead to deep rapport and it makes connecting with another human being fairly easy. It is also an excellent way to find out for yourself what feels good. His clothes, hair, and fitness habits should be left to him to make decisions about (his body, his choice — just as it is for your body). There’s one thing you should always ask yourself when you sit next to a woman who you want to seduce. She also does screenwriting for independent film producers and joins various film competitions. Mitch believes that “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”, COPYRIGHT © 2020 InspiringTips.com, a Project by Optixor, Inc. |, 24 Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special. You shouldn’t ask yourself this question. Don't try to solve his problems for him or tell him what he's done wrong when he opens up to you. Now you just have to give her the finishing blow by sharing your vision. Women generally want to be known by their partners, and if you ask her questions she will feel more understood and appreciated by you. #18 Appreciate the small and big things. He doesn’t. Make yourself available, be there to comfort her, make the burden light, and gently be the solution to resolving her problem. I know you are! Any man can comment and compliment. One of the most instantaneous ways to be a better girlfriend is to stop nagging your boyfriend. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Sometimes, you need to make your relationship a priority above other commitments you have. Women love confident men and one obvious sign of confidence is the ability to joke about yourself. But even though my country men are on top of this disabled list, men from other countries have the same problem. When you mirror people, you imitate them. Take her to some lonely, cool and amazing place. Instead, choose your words wisely and be honest so that the compliment seems sincere and not too exaggerated. You are wondering what it would feel like to hold them, caress them and kiss them. If he has one, be supportive. Take her a good dinner or prepare meal for her. Today it’s all about the dubious concept that we men are so terribly afraid of. It should be obvious which one of those girls is relationship material. If it seems he forgot, give it some time. Do you get upset if your partner doesn’t do things your way? Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. It is much better to wait until you see him, and then decide if it is worth pushing or not. Be present, pay attention, try not to multi-task. If he has a ritual of coming home and sitting on the front stoop, respect it. You are really strong. #22 Be supportive. Don’t judge the other just because you both differ in some aspects of life. You can trigger positive emotions in a woman within seconds, not hours. I’m in love with my girlfriend but anytime I told her that I want to have time with her , she always gives me excuses and whenever we’re chatting she always says sweet words to me but to meet is a problem. It is so much easier for her to open up to a man who is okay with his flaws than to one who is so insecure that he tries to hide them. Humans like to be around other humans who have the same beliefs. And don’t take yourself so goddamn serious. And no, I am not talking about material value. Help her solve her problems. Just ask her to call sometimes so you can talk about your days and it should help . As the years of your life pass by, you will either become an increasingly wise, happy and successful man or you will fade away and look back at your life in regret. #14 Be attentive, not clingy. A good girlfriend trusts her man. The distance was hard, but I was able to still feel close to him while he was away. I am sure you can think of some crazy stories that are appropriate for the first date. Sure, that may mean you see him less while he pursues a graduate degree, beefs up for a fitness competition, or puts in extra time apprenticing at a tattoo shop — or whatever unique thing your guy is into — but that's OK. Most importantly, a healthy relationship will not always be perfect or full of joy, but you should never feel as if it is dragging you down or affecting your self-esteem negatively. You are not a crazy girlfriend so stop acting like one, you’re not an actress, and if you are, leave that at the studio. Dr. John Gottman, a relationship expert known for decades of research into what makes relationships work (and predicting which ones will fail) and the man who coined the concept of love languages, insists that there is a "magic ratio" that is foundational to healthy, successful relationships. When you joke about yourself she automatically assumes that you are confident in your own skin. I already told you that storytelling can be a way of giving value, at least when the stories are entertaining, inspiring or otherwise educating. Be that guy who’s willing to listen to her opinions, give her your honesty, and respect her decisions despite of your different perspectives. #5 Put down the phone. Learn how to handle Conflicts better. Follow her on Twitter for more. You talk like them, you stand like them, you walk like them and you behave like them. There may be times where you feel you’re not completely on board with your partner’s goals whether it be because you do not fully understand it or think something else of it. Never let a day go by that you don’t do or say something that’ll let her know how much you love her. Ironing out daily issues can easily turn into a battle of who’s right and who’s wrong. This commission comes at no charge to you. What’s the most adventurous thing you have done so far?”. I would like some advising what I have to do after I did receive this text message belo:. 2. You don’t need to be a genius to see which choice helps you to emotionally connect with her. And the ones who don’t? Provide feedback when it is appropriate. Try to rephrase your opinions to make them sound more supportive and less judgmental. #23 Get along with his family and stay out of family drama. And always remember that you’re in a partnership — your relationship, not only yourself, should be your priority. We often have no idea that our little comments are being registered in a man’s mind as negative or condescending. Hell no! Men hear “suggestions” and “opinions” as being critical. What if she constantly mentions how much she loves traveling? You do it in a sincere and authentic way. You like really bad TV and Thai food. Explore. Not every woman will understand your fears, but the ones who do will feel even more connected to you.

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