To see the upcoming 2020-21 waterfowl hunting zones … Waterfowl Hunting … (b) “Recorded bird calls” refers to bird calls of a species referred to in the heading of column 2. Waterfowl Hunting Units. Zone No. The information presented here is a summary of the law. 18 2020 Waterfowl Hunting Digest 2020 Waterfowl Hunting Digest 19 Hunting Zones and Time Zones Michigan is divided into waterfowl (duck, coot, moorhen, and goose) hunting zones: North, Middle, and South; see map below. (a) Hunting and hunting equipment are allowed only on farmland. Welcome To Bay Flats Lodge. 3 Day Nonresident Waterfowl. This is a duck need zone. This pile of feathers can be a rest zone or a feeding zone. This Pennsylvania duck hunting forum is a great place to discuss hunting practices from all over the state. Please consult: Hunting zones. Sept. Nonresident Canada Goose. Resident Canada Goose. South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks. For more information. 10 Day Nonresident Waterfowl. Drinking zones are not findable by the player, as they are in the middle of the lake you are going to be hunting them. 1. Went off hunting deer for a couple of hours. 1 Highway and west of Saint John Harbour, that part of Charlotte County lying south of No. Then, I FT back to the setup & it was covered up in ducks, & the feather need zones littered the shore. Zones & Areas to Hunt - From the northern to southern part of Iowa, to the Mississippi river -- this is the place to post waterfowl hunting related topics. When the idea of tent camping or a run-down lodge is not your idea of a retreat, even to get in touch with nature, Bay Flats Lodge comes to the rescue. We offer quality duck hunting while giving personalized service to a limited clientele. Check out our latest Videos. There can also be droppings, but they are always in the water and i cannot get a screenshot. My 3rd duck setup has found its new home. The new waterfowl hunting zones will take effect for the 2021-22 season and run through the 2025-26 season. Sandhill Crane. Shot 4 or 5 of them & another flock came in b4 I could confirm them & get back to the blind. Tundra Swan. The North zone includes all of the Upper Peninsula. If there is a discrepancy between the law and this summary, the law prevails. South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks: Ducks. August Management Take. 1 Highway, and the Grand Manan Islands and Campobello Island, except the following area, which is closed to hunting: the area in the Bay of Fundy known as The Wolves, including the surrounding waters. Thanks Saphy. Saint John County lying south of No. The dividing line between the Middle zone and South

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