0000039933 00000 n - A Federal magistrate Summary note: individuals at this stage go beyond the mere compliance to the law and are motivated by - General division – matters such as bankruptcy, trade practices and administrative law.  Theories that describe the ‘right’ way to make a decision. - All persons are equal before the law irrespective of status or position regulators?  Assume existence of common law o industry codes of conduct Personal morality - Originates from English system of law meant to. to avoid the detriment of punishment  Consider company from stakeholder perspective not just shareholders, Corporate Social Reporting  “Management is about running the business. control the company (directors) and the employees. In business, these individuals will be � ؜g�d3�d����/ZrՇg0`�����O���=�P�j:��l\C�֔��R?���>�C�վ^���}?l���L%��/��_������K�p��.�0��X�.��6�2ӗ� ����f��_M���A�+L�P�o��V�Å�ҙJDO_0\db��_d��r!�^�IR�����-��ɻ�,ʉ��^��l�@�d��{�S�(2������Jg*=}�p���^dA�[!��9�  Motives for actions is of high importance, in that it expects persons to make the right decisions for the (compulsory) and interlocutory (interim) or perpetual court system has a jurisdiction. - In a civil case, that is on the balance of probabilities.  When [ ] are used, the year is relevant.  Mediation and Conciliation Federal Court of Australia endstream endobj 350 0 obj <>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream maximises personal gain – irrespective of whether such action is ethical or not; or if it has an adverse Statute: act of parliament, a law passed by legislation, Traditional Law Reports Prevent collusion, price fixing, anti-competitive 0000008961 00000 n statutory interpretation and the Acts Interpretation Act. The actions of individuals at this stage are motivated to conform to the norms and rules of the greater - System of law: Australia’s system, source of law: judge made rule, division of law Equity: fairness and justice.  Government regulates to sop unfair situations 0000024487 00000 n parties affected on the solution.  skeptical of the purity of the public goals that those who regulate seek to pursue. Winning the Case action is required to do, or refrain from doing, a particular thing.  Mode of procedure is accusatorial and emphasis is on remedies, Criminal Law T h e l a b e l l e n d s i t s e l f m o s t d i r e c t l y t o a c o r e s e t o f q u e s t i o n s a b o u t h o w \ i n d i v i d u a l s i n t h e b u s i n e s s w o r l d o u g h t t o b e h a v e , o r w h a t p r i n c i p l e s t h e y m i g h t a p p e a l t o i n o r d e r t o n e g o t i a t e m o r a l d i l e \ m m a s a t w o r k . Income tax laws to redistribute wealth from rich to poor  In the event of a conflict with common law, equity prevails - Moderately serious criminal matters Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Magistrates Court, Federal Magistrates Court frowned upon by the immediate group of people around them such as family and friends. - Source of law is both legislation from parliament and judge-made law through cases o Some appeals require leave of the court It focuses on the conduct of, and relationships  can also come from: - Original jurisdiction: Federal court is divided into two areas:  Emphasis on fairness and justice  Focus: corporations (companies) - tend to be chosen by the larger businesses whose actions can impact o in the hope of reciprocation or gaining some intangible benefit like satisfaction, praise or fame – or This is called “cross-vesting” greatly on society, and because companies have the additional arguments that come with the separation

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