and Second. After that, I returned full time to the classroom working with pre-service teachers and teachers desiring a master’s degree. 6. Why teaching English in China is a popular choice for new graduates. Blended Learning in Higher Education: Framework, Principles, and Guidelines. If you’re a teacher looking to make extra money on the side or... Online teaching is taking off, but for teachers who are used t... HQ: 343-2927 Lakeshore Blvd W.Toronto, Ontario M8V 1J3. Greater focus on learning. © 2020 Homeworkcrew. Here are just a few benefits of online English teaching jobs to help you make your mind up! In What Ways is Online Teaching Superior to Teaching Face-to-Face? Though there are some limitations to the online learning environment, I can think of at least 5 ways in which online language learning, for instance, can be superior to a classroom lesson. In 2006, he was named the Florida Teacher of the Year, an honor that put him in the national competition with the top teachers from every state. So there you have it, aspiring online ESL teachers - the top 6 reasons why teaching English online is where it’s at! Equally important is designating areas for practical questions because it decreases frustration, gives students an opportunity to help each other trouble-shoot logistical and technical issues while also letting the instructor clarify his or her design intentions. 2. Another benefit of online learning is cost. Like most online teaching jobs, there are very little overheads involved in teaching ESL with VIPKID. And bonus, you can skip the hassle of applying for a working visa! Ten Ways Online Education Matches, or Surpasses, Face-to-Face Learning, Faculty Self-Assessment: Preparing for Online Teaching, Pennsylvania State University, MGH INSTITUTE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS Today is National Voter Registration Day! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below, and don’t forget to get your, 8 amazing companies that let you teach English online from home, 13 jobs teachers can do from home to earn extra cash, 8 ways to make lessons fun and engaging in an online classroom, Vocational Teacher - Mechanical Engineering, Vocational Teacher - Electrical Engineering, How to teach English online full-time like a pro, 11 platforms where you can teach English online with no experience, 13 ESL classroom tips you must know before you teach 2020, 5 awesome benefits teaching english online. The last one was a breeze because by then I had a back-up plan (Google Hangouts) and was able to use it quite successfully. of Elem. of hours teaching English online with VIPKID, Monthly salary teaching English online (USD) with VIPKID. Finally, what would your best piece of advice be for prospective students who are interested in the program? We all have different motivating factors for teaching English online but one of the greatest things about it is the freedom it affords you. Visit for details and deals. As experienced teachers, we know that there is a difference between teaching a child, a teenager, a College student, an adult or a senior. Here are some of the benefits and challenges faculty frequently report when teaching online. Online learning offers students a chance to study whenever they deem fit—whether it is at 3 A.M when the kids are asleep, in the evening after work, or after dinner. And certainly there is our own preference factor. The first two made me panic. He goes to an American pre-school, talks to the majority of our friends in English, knows the entire English alphabet already and is learning to read… in English. Any final thoughts you’d like to share? I speak with many prospective students and always try and give them godly council and find the program that will best fit their goals, even if it is not the M.Ed. Online education is an chance for students to continue their education and to gain considerable experience in remote learning during COVID-19. The post Considering the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education and Education in a Traditional Classroom Setting first appeared on homeworkcrew. Elena Mutonono transforms traditional teachers into online teacherpreneurs. I am presently working with an M.Ed student who lives in Puerto Rico. It’s all firsthand experience that can really help your job applications stand out to prospective employers when you’re trying to secure a full-time job teaching English abroad in the future. My police partner saw how I interacted with children and encouraged me to seek an elementary teaching position. Teaching English online is also ideal for adventure seekers looking to travel around while earning money. The following is a guest post by Elena Mutonono. SEU is an accredited institution that provides a vast amount of higher education programs. Getting to know students better. And last, but by no means least, it’s easy to get started! program is much lower than most, if not all, of our local colleges and universities. I taught 5th-grade for 12 years. This happens when little consideration is made for the unique features of an online course, such as its asynchronous nature, the lack of visual and verbal cues, etc. It worked. Night owls, rejoice - all you have to do is cut down on your Netflix time in the evenings and teach a few lessons online instead! Content will bring people to your website, content will answer your readers’ questions, and content will prompt them to book your services rather than anybody else’s. As the world’s biggest ESL market, the fact that demand for English-speaking teachers is growing at an explosive rate in China is hardly earth-shattering news. This weekend my almost-three-year-old son had his first language lesson … online. The early birds among us can slot in a lesson or two before their regular working day. In a traditional classroom, there are lots of distractions that may take away your student’s attention and then will take time to bring it back. Since students have more time to reflect and respond to the instructor’s question, instructors get more in-depth, researched responses from students. Facilitating discussions. • High Quality custom-written papers Benefits of e-learning for teachers that improve their tutoring style. Homework crew aims to provide professional academic writing services to students all over the world. That increases the happiness factor, which makes the environment more conducive to teaching and learning. And you’re not necessarily tied to your home, either - anywhere quiet with a decent internet connection will do! I tell them the hardest thing to ever do is start. Today when a student signs up with me, he/she gets a document with terms and conditions, and he has to abide by them, and that means that no skipping-lesson excuse except for emergencies listed in the contract is considered valid. Plenty of instructors have already taught online and have much to share from their experience. Trying to break into the ESL industry abroad and want to build up your English teaching experience for your resume? The online facilitator should expect to do the same. I am somewhat partial, but I believe the M.Ed. The most significant benefit from this degree is that it provides students with 18 credit hours in elementary education that qualifies them to teach elementary classes in community colleges and universities. For K-12 education, “online learning can be as good or even better than in-person classroom learning,” says Christine Greenhow, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and … What does obtaining this degree look like to the average graduate student? Hi there! After moving to Georgia, I attended Toccoa Falls College and graduated with my bachelor’s degree in the middle-grade levels. There’s no time lost in commuting and the added stress of beating traffic, either. We have hired many of our own M.Ed. She has two remaining courses to complete before December graduation. Boston, MA 02129-4557 In my 5 years of online teaching I only remember 3 epic skype outages. Teaching online … For example, not a morning person and hate setting that alarm clock? Provide flexibility for parents raising families, Help full-time workers increase their salaries and move up the career ladder, Open doors to new opportunities and provide the base for a career change, Build networking skills while creating new personal and professional relationships.

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