• 5600SXT ON-DEMAND CONTROL VALVE, • THIS COMPLETE WATER SOFTENER COMES WITH: If you don’t like online shopping, go to the local store with a wide offer of products or to the specialized store for household appliances. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions Wastewater is washed away into the drain, so it doesn’t downflow through the recharged clean resin. Besides this capacity, the brand also offers GE 40000 grain water softener with slightly higher capacity for a household with 1-4 people. The control valve has an LCD interface and control panel that allows adjustments of the programs such as electronic sensors, regeneration cycles and much more. This page will help you determine the right size water softener for you. with 10 gallon storage tank with Auto shut-off and stand Theme Parfum by GalussoThemes | Powered by WordPress |. It has the capacity of 48,000 grains. More information on about Water Softeners. Pyrogen Free Water Other Comparable Systems Both tanks have a lifetime warranty. There is mention as the grain capacity of 12,000, 48,000, or 64,000. However, this brand also produces models with lower capacity such as Fleck 48000 grain water softener and Fleck 5600SXT 32000 grain softener. Operating Manual, Res Care-GPro Res Care Cleaner Chemical Case of 4, SB1801High Capacity Dual Bed Cartridge Filter, HC19H1-DIWT 3C0600002 Style High Capacity Filter - Cartridge Universal II, Removes ionic contamination from water. The softener is 43.2” high, 14.4” wide and 22.5” long. Suited For – Medium households. 4 lph 240 Vac, Barnstead MicroPure Laboratory Water Purification System - Provides Type I Ultrapure Water. System Capacity And Iron Removal Efficiency. A unique feature of this GE 80000 grain water softener is the 7-year warranty on the control valve. Usually, softeners with a bigger capacity are also able to handle those daily spikes in water usage, but just be sure to check it with the manufacturer. Suited For – Large households. US$0.00, All about water hardness and water softeners. Read Review. 5 people in home, 10 grains per gallon hardness. Comparable to Barnstead D0809 , D0809 and D5027 Ultra Pure Mixed Bed Filter. 1/pk AKA GSX28, This High Capacity Mixed Bed Deionization Filter is used for the reduction of dissolved minerals. The best marketers are online retailers because they have the widest offer, and often sell for much lower prices than anywhere else. • 1.5 CUBIC FEET OF HIGH CAPACITY RESIN If you buy and use 3 bottles of Whirlpool WHEWSC water softener cleanser, which is sold separately, you can extend the warranty to 2-years. vp-17-4010. Concerns about Sodium and Potassium in softened water, Are you paying too much for purified water, How to change the resin in a water softener, 5 Basic Naturally Found Groups of Contaminants in Water, Alkaline water sellers make ridiculous false claims, Portlands fluoride debate: Is adding fluoride to drinking water dangerous, APS Provides Filtration System to the South Pole, Millipore court ordered to stop using lock out tags and software. Kdf 85 Media Guard For Well Water For Iron Removal and Some Rotten Egg Smell Also, they have great user-friendly features such as resource-saving technology and included the highest-quality resin. What makes the Home Master RO better than other reverse osmosis systems? • BYPASS Fleck 64000 Grain Water Softener. The installation process is described step by step in the included user manual. Comparable to APS Ultra Brand MB1801 filter cartridge, D0808 and vp-17-4010. 5 people X 70 gpd = … And this is done by removing the hardness causing elements like magnesium and calcium from the water. All materials used in constructing the unit are NSF certified and safe to use. • THIS COMPLETE WATER SOFTENER COMES WITH: 1.0 cubic foot of resin - 32,000 grain peak, 24,000 efficient1.5 cubic feet of resin - 48,000 grain peak, 32,000 efficient2.0 cubic feet of resin - 64,000 grain peak, 40,000 efficient. $$ Tier1 Eco Series Softener: Averts the build-up of scale by reducing the hardness and pH of water. Users rating: 4.9 of 5 stars . For Further Assistance Call Us At: (480) 348-0222, Largest Selection - 100% Money Back Guarantee - On Time Shippng - Best Customer Service. For the majority of homes, our 32,000 grain unit (1 cubic foot of resin) is more than enough capacity. This model is Fleck 5600SXT 64000 grain softener with high capacity. per regeneration. The resin tank is 13” long and 54” high, while the brine tank is 18” long and 40” high. Additionally, WaterSoftenerAddict.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Mineral tank contains 2.0 cubic ft of high-capacity 8% cross-linked resin that’s pre-filled and delivered inside of the tank. The longer warranty often means that the unit is high-quality made and will last long. Multiply the answer by your water hardness in grains per gallon (to convert mg/l or ppm to grains, divide by 17.1). The salt-based units are priced in the range between $100 and $3000. 30H-40Commercial - Laboratory Water Distiller, A440266Barnstead Mega-Pure Glass Still MP-1 120V, A1007Barnstead Still Electric Port .5 GPH, A1013-CBarnstead Still Electric 2GPH 3PH 4W 120/208, A56210-857 LSFistreem III 4 L/hr Still 240V, Manual Distiller - 8 gal./day Grains – 48,000. 64000 grains hardness removal is ideal for a household with 1-6 people. All tools needed are included in the package, as well as parts. adroll_products = [{"product_id":"2051","price":"599.00","category":"48,000 grains"}]; 64,000 GRAINS Metered On Demand Water Softener" href="https://www.greatwatersofteners.com/shop/residential/water-softeners-residential/fleck-5600-series/fleck-5600-sxt-34-electronic-meter/fleck-5600sxt-electronic-34-inch-meter-on-demand-control-valve-water-softener-64000-grain-capacity/">, 40,000 GRAINS Metered On Demand Water Softener" href="https://www.greatwatersofteners.com/shop/residential/water-softeners-residential/fleck-5600-series/fleck-5600-sxt-34-electronic-meter/fleck-5600sxt-electronic-34-inch-meter-on-demand-control-valve-water-softener-40000-grain-capacity/">, Fleck 5600SXT 34 Electronic Timer Birm Filters, Fleck 2510SXT 34 Electronic Timer Birm Filters, Big Bubba Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges, FlowMax High Temp Jumbo Filter Cartridges for Models 40 90 and 170 Sgle Cartridge Jumbo Housings, FlowMax Jumbo Filter Cartridges for Model 170 Sgle Cartridge Jumbo Housings, FlowMax Jumbo Filter Cartridges for Model 40 Sgle Cartridge Jumbo Housings, FlowMax Jumbo Filter Cartridges for Model 90 Sgle Cartridge Jumbo Housings, FlowMax Pleated Filter Cartridges for all MultiCartridge Housings, Fleck Control Valve Parts part number order. Accessories, 1.4 lph Glass and steel construction without storage container. Add Ship Resin Loaded For Easier Installation. This saves a lot of energy, water, and salt. Other Aspects to be Aware of The number of grains you need depends on your water usage, as well as the hardness of your water. It weighs 65 pounds, but it also has less resin. This is a salt-based unit with a system capacity of 32 000 grains. Filter Housing, Factory Original - Use with E-pure, B-Pure and Nanopure Quad systems and housings only. Because most softeners available on the market have standardized sizes, our family will be looking for softener with a capacity of 48,000 grains. Granted, it will regenerate slightly more often, but since it only uses about $0.10 of water per regeneration, this is not really a major consideration. It’s means the hardness removal capability of your water softener. © Copyright 2020 Advanced Water Filters. We have calculated your needs as 28000 grains based on usage and 30000 grains for flow rate. • (10X54) RESIN TANK Bigger household requires softener with a bigger capacity if you want to maintain high-performance. Storage Tanks So regeneration is started only when needed, which leads to energy, water, and salt savings. Case - 4 ea 1 gallon bottles. The control valve has a meter which is counts amount of water processed. with Color Indicator - Comparable to IWT and US FILTER 3C0600002 and HC200 or HC-200, 1004000204' Protector Premier Laboratory Hood, 1004000214' Protector Premier Laboratory Hood, 1004000424' Protector Premier Laboratory Hood, 1004000614' Protector Premier Laboratory Hood, Labconco Brand Product - with 2 service fixtures, Labconco Brand Product - with built-in exhaust blower, 2 service fixtures and 1 electrical duplex, Labconco Brand Product - with built-in exhaust blower and 2 service fixtures, Labconco Brand Product - For SteamScrubber and FlaskScrubber, Shopping Cart Items: 0 Special Prep 1, for Chlorine removal with low extractable applications - 1/pk adroll_current_page = "product_page"; Calculation example: 5 people in home, 10 grains per gallon hardness. Read our Water Testing Guide here and our Well Water Testing Information Supplement. Number of people in your house. Calculation example: 5 people in home, 10 grains per gallon hardness. The salt-based softening process is based on ion-exchange on the resin in the mineral tank.

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